A way of life

In Kansas, the “Capital of Barbecue,” you can find a barbecue restaurant on every corner. And if there’s enough room, a few more in between.

The state is also the seat of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, which organizes the world’s largest barbecue competition, usually involving some 600 teams. Kansas is completely captivated by barbecue. From popular TV shows to celebrities with their picture adorning the walls of the best restaurants; barbecue is truly a way of life here.

Joe´s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

The most famous restaurant in the Kansas barbecue scene is Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, which started years ago in a gas station and today makes the best ribs in the area.

Kansas barbecue sauce is often thought of as the traditional, recognizable red sauce of tomato and sugar. The roots of this sauce are in Kansas City but it has become a worldwide favorite. We have won many barbecue awards with our version!

grate goods kansas city red sauce

Taste guide

This sauce tastes delicious with classic barbecue dishes. It makes any spare rib and pulled pork sandwich irresistible. Great with red meat, chicken and more.

Kansas City Style Red Barbecue Sauce is available in 265 ml and 775 ml bottles.

grate goods kansas city red sauce