Garlic Capital of the World

In Gilroy, California, so much garlic is traditionally grown that residents host a massive garlic festival once a year, in Christmas Hill Park.

Garlic lovers will enjoy cookies, ice cream, milkshakes and sauces with different types of garlic incorporated.

Grate Goods Gilroy Garlic bbq sauce

Gilroy Style Garlic

Our Gilroy Style Garlic sauce is inspired by this region and local recipes.

We’ve made our garlic sauce a little spicier than usual, adding black pepper and other herbs and spices so it stands up well when paired with the smoke and grill flavors of the barbecue. Gilroy Style Garlic is delicious with a burger or lamb, seafood and/or shellfish. But also try the sauce with an avocado or grilled carrot.

Grate Goods Gilroy Garlic bbq sauce

Taste guide

We recommend this sauce with lamb, grilled dishes, kebabs, gyros, sausage, bread and many more delicacies.

Gilroy Style Garlic Barbecue Sauce is available in 265 ml and 775 ml bottles.

grate goods gilroy garlic sauce