Fish demands light and fresh

Unlike meat, fish often needs a shorter preparation time on the barbecue or in the pan.

Therefore, standard meat rubs are often just a bit too strong for a delicate piece of white fish or shrimp. That’s why have developed our Seafood Seasoning BBQ Rub especially for fish

Herbs of the highest quality

This rub is very light and fresh and is spiced in such a way that it beautifully compliments all kinds of fish, but certainly seafood as well.

The seasonings in the Seafood Seasoning BBQ Rub are of high quality, so they go well with the strong smoke and grill flavors of the barbecue.

Taste Guide

The Seafood Seasoning BBQ Rub is a mild-spicy and fresh blend for everything from the sea: seafood, shellfish and fish. It perfectly complements the delicate flavor of fish but also the flavor of barbecue.

The rub is available in 220 grams and 2200 grams.