A little help from friends

Sometimes we don’t find the inspiration for a new rub in a distant land, but literally around the corner.

Our barbecue friends asked us to develop a sweet, friendly rub that would go well with pork and poultry.

Delicious on fries

A rub with a strong paprika flavor, as you could still find in the real paprika chips in the supermarket a few years ago.

We thought that was a great challenge and thus came up with the idea of introducing an accessible barbecue rub, with that typical smoked paprika taste

Taste Guide

Our Sweet Paprika BBQ Rub contains high quality paprika powder that is deliciously sweet. The rub tastes very good with poultry and pork but also on vegetables ánd of course … on potato.

The rub is available in 180 grams and 2200 grams.