Brine with color salt

AllBrine Color is a universal brine product with color salt. Brining is an old method that was originally used to preserve food.

Nowadays we brine mainly because it greatly enhances the tenderness, juiciness and flavor of meat and fish. In America, this preparation method is more common than in Europe, because brining changes the structure of larger or tougher pieces of barbecue meat, making it wonderfully tender.

AllBrine Color is very suitable for brining meats and poultry that lose color quickly; such as pork and beef- including Pastrami, pulled pork, spare ribs, sausage and bacon. 

AllBrine Color contains nitrite. This prevents bacterial growth, extends the shelf life of the meat and makes the meat less temperature sensitive.

AllBrine Color

AllBrine Color contains color salt, sugar, herbs and spices and the classic seasonings carrot, onion, leek and celery.

Taste Guide

Allbrine Color is especially for meats where color retention is important. Adds extra flavour to pulled pork, spare ribs, sausages, bacon and pastrami.

AllBrine Color is available in 800 grams and 2000 grams.

Grate Goods Allbrine Color


AllBrine Color can be used both dry and wet:

Dry preparation:

Dry brining is suitable for extracting moisture from the product. Apply the AllBrine Color to the product about 30 to 90 minutes before preparation and let it soak in. Remove excess AllBrine before barbecuing.

Wet preparation:

Wet brining is suitable for adding moisture to the product. Wet brining can be done in two ways:

Wet brining in a salt bath

Dissolve 100 grams of AllBrine Color in 1 liter of warm water and let it cool to 1C – 7C before use. You can then place meat or poultry in the mild brine to soak – depending on the type of product and size – for a few hours to a few days. On average, Allbrine Color will soak into the product one inch per day. 

Wet pickling by injection

To speed up the brining process and to ensure that all the flavors penetrate extra well into the structure of meat and poultry, it is also possible to inject this liquid AllBrine Color into the product. For this purpose we have a special Grate Goods injector available with which you can spread the AllBrine Color quickly and easily over your product.